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  • Welcome to the Clanwarz Minecraft Network Store

    The Clanwarz Minecraft Community is a free service for players that stay online thanks to the purchases and contributions made by our community. By purchasing from this store, you help our servers remain online. The money raised is used to make the Clanwarz Minecraft Network possible and invest in its improvement, creation of new content, and expansion.

    We offer different packages in different categories. You can see the content of each package by clicking on the image associated with the item or using the buy button. If you have any questions about the store or its operation, we will assist you by mail through our FORUM. Remember that the staff can help you in the game with issues related to inquiries, but never with issues of payments already made. If you have a grievance related to a prior payment or a payment you made is not being registered which is causing unavailability of funds, please call Clanwarz Inc immediately at 1-618-207-3806.

    Payment Methods

    We utilize Paypal and Paysafe platforms to facilitate purchases. All these gateways include high-security features which allow you to make secure payments. We describe each gateway ability below:

    Paypal: Payments by debit/credit card, debit to bank account, or Paypal balance.

    Paysafecard: Payments by Paysafecard. Be sure to inform Clanwarz of the payment code.

    Payment Processing

    Once Clanwarz Inc receives your payment, your funds will be available for you to use immediately but can take up to 15 minutes of receipt before activation.

    About Us

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    Support Us

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